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Btec Solutions
3D Btec

  • Btec 3D has years of experience creating complex Aerospace, Automotive, Consumer Products, Heavy Industry and Energy Industry’s innovative designs using state-of-the-art technology

  • Our Engineering team use true geometric designs to reduce errors and translate your concepts into flawless working parts

  • Our working and hands-on knowledge with high-end and specialized metals enables us to confidently recommend materials for optimal function and precision

    • Metal materials we work with include and are not limited to — Inconel, Cobalt,

  • The shop floor is equipped for handling outsourced contract projects for complex parts and custom manufacturing, from difficult metals, and tested with the highest Quality Assurance.

  • Our Supply Chain Management will procure the material and components to meet your metal manufacturing product’s specifications

  • Our Quality Assurance team will assure every feature meets your specifications, thoroughly testing every part that is manufactured.

  • ISO9001 Certified – 

Additive manufacturing final product

Our Team of dedicated, skilled experienced engineers, combined with our shop floor’s machinery set us apart from the competition in the precision metals manufacturing business.

Btec 3D has the experience in integrating new AM Technology with traditional manufacturing capabilities to give you best of both worlds.
Renishaw's AM 400
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