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Inconel 718 What you need to Know?

Inconel 718 has been employed in downhole measurement equipments, particularly in measurement while drilling. Here the main cause is nonmagnetic alloy with high strength as the magnetic analysis is followed to determine the well orientation. Simultaneously, the material should prevent corrosion in drilling mud that may be enriched with salt.

Inconel 718 has been used for drill parts, where it provides a suitable blend of high fatigue strength and excellent corrosion resistance while being non-magnetic.

In 718 is chosen among other nickel based superalloys for providing highs strength, excellent corrosion resistance and it is easily available in the variety of sizes. The application service temperature varies from low temperatures below 100oF to a manufacturing temperature up to 300oF. The high strength condition was not required for the maximum resistance to stress corrosion cracking. As compared to other stainless steels utilized, these alloys also receive nominal reduction in strength at the application temperatures. These alloys are made in the different sizes of bars. #Inconel 718 has been utilized in the production of oil drilling. Inconel benefits out way the disadvantages it has a higher strength and restore corrosion resistance properties.

Oxidized protective layers in nickel-based alloys further heighten mechanical performance. The benefit of using Inconel 718 is its higher fatigue strength and freedom from corrosion. Btec 3D specializes in utilizing Inconel to its full potential. We have a record of success with Inconel 718 in our additive manufacturing process to bring great designs to reality.

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